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Still: Afghan Star

Human Rights Watch International Film Festival 2009

20 Mar 200926 Mar 2009

For 20 years, the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival has showcased the stories of activists and survivors across the world and empowered viewers with the knowledge that personal commitment can make a very real difference.

This year at the ICA there are some truly extraordinary new films in the festival, including Pray the Devil Back to Hell, Firaaq, My Neighbor, My Killer and Kabuli Kid.

  • Still: Remnants of a War

    Remnants of a War + Q&A

    20 Mar 2009

    This film looks at the men and women of southern Lebanon who work to clear their land of unexploded cluster munitions left after the 2006 war.

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  • Still: Pray the Devil Back to Hell

    Pray the Devil Back to Hell + Q&A

    21 Mar 2009

    This remarkable film tells how thousands of women in Liberia helped peacefully end the country's second bloody civil war.

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  • Still: Look into my Eyes

    Look Into My Eyes + Q&A

    21 Mar 2009

    Filmmaker Naftaly Gliksberg crosses continents to investigate what antisemitism looks like today.

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  • Still: Tapologo

    Tapologo + Q&A

    22 Mar 2009

    A moving story of women in South Africa who have turned their tragedy into a tool.

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  • Still: Kabuli Kid

    Kabuli Kid

    22 Mar 2009

    A lovingly told tale reminiscent of many of the great Iranian films, with power and emotion residing in the carefully observed details of daily life in Kabul.

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  • Still: Crude

    Crude + Q&A

    23 Mar 2009

    A documentary about the "Amazon Chernobyl" case - a 13-year battle between Chevron and the indigenous communities in Ecuador nearly destroyed by their drilling.

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  • Still: The Reckoning

    The Reckoning + Q&A

    24 Mar 2009

    Following an International Criminal Court prosecutor as he and his team pursue justice in Uganda, Congo and Darfur.

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  • Still: Back Home Tomorrow

    Back Home Tomorrow + Q&A

    25 Mar 2009

    The moving stories of two children illustrate the work done by Emergency, the Italian aid organisation giving medical help to civilians in war zones.

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  • Still: My Neighbor, My Killer

    My Neighbor, My Killer

    26 Mar 2009

    Filming in Rwanda for close to a decade, award-winning filmmaker Anne Aghion has charted the impact of public hearings on survivors and perpetrators.

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