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Hot Fuzztival

3 Feb 200718 Feb 2007

A massive fortnight of non-stop cops and hardcore action to celebrate the release of Hot Fuzz (on Friday 16 February), the new comedy from the team behind Shaun of the Dead. These are some of the films that inspired director Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, making them essential viewing if you want to experience the full force of the Fuzz.

There’s also a tribute to action maestro Tony Scott, a special double-bill of Point Break and Bad Boys II (a viewing experience straight from Hot Fuzz itself) all focussed around a Centrepiece Preview of Hot Fuzz on Saturday 10th. We hope to have Edgar Wright on hand to introduce individual films during the season, but keep checking the ICA Website for up-to-date information and confirmation. Don't forget to check out the individual film pages for the director’s own take on the titles in the season.

Thanks to Universal Pictures International (UK) and Working Title Films


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