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China in London: Spotlight Beijing

20 Mar 200820 Apr 2008

The ICA was among the first to champion the new wave of Chinese cinema during the 1980s, releasing Yellow Earth and Horse Thief, and now the Institute is proud to be playing a part in the Mayor of London's China in London 2008 programme.

These three weeks of screenings offer a broad survey of contemporary Chinese cinema and a special focus on the work of the great filmmaker Tian Zhuangzhuang, with an extended run of the director's latest film The Go Master providing an elegant, dramatic centrepiece.

  • Still: The Old Barber

    The Old Barber

    20 Mar 200829 Mar 2008

    Uncle Jing cuts hair, as he has every day for 80 years, in a rapidly-changing city.

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  • Still: A Battle of Wits

    A Battle of Wits

    21 Mar 200830 Mar 2008

    A mysterious warrior arrives to help the underdogs in a stunning and flamboyant warring-states-period epic based on a popular Japanese manga.

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  • Still: 3 City Hotshots

    3 City Hotshots

    22 Mar 200830 Mar 2008

    Three directors tell three stories about the extraordinary drama of ordinary life in Shanghai.

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  • Still: A Great Master Recaptured

    A Great Master Recaptured

    23 Mar 200830 Mar 2008

    Archive footage meets beautiful theatrical performances in a portrait of the most important Beijing Opera master of the 20th century.

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  • Still: The Forest Ranger

    The Forest Ranger

    23 Mar 200826 Mar 2008

    A forest ranger moves to a remote village and takes on the loggers in a dynamic revenge thriller.

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  • Still: Secret Trip

    Secret Trip

    23 Mar 200829 Mar 2008

    Follow Zhou Enlai on the diplomatic trail in unseen footage from the China Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio.

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  • Still: Crazy Stone

    Crazy Stone

    27 Mar 200830 Mar 2008

    Everyone's after the jade in this fast-paced heist comedy.

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  • Still: The Go Master

    The Go Master

    28 Mar 200820 Apr 2008

    An intense character study of Chinese-born Go master Wu Qingyuan, set against a backdrop of Sino-Japanese conflict in the twentieth century.

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  • Springtime in a Small Town

    Springtime in a Small Town

    29 Mar 20083 Apr 2008

    A young man causes trouble for respectable Chinese family in a remake of the 1948 Chinese classic.

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  • Delamu


    30 Mar 20082 Apr 2008

    A gorgeous and moving document of life along the ancient East-West trade routes.

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  • Still: Horse Thief

    Horse Thief

    5 Apr 20088 Apr 2008

    From director Tian Zhuangzhuang, a sublime visual masterpiece that explores the relationship between man and nature.

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  • Still: The Blue Kite

    The Blue Kite

    6 Apr 200810 Apr 2008

    Tian Zhuangzhuang's most famous film, an impassioned drama following a Beijing family through the 50s and 60s.

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