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Still: Dog Days

Between Heaven and Hell: The Films of Ulrich Seidl

24 Sep 200830 Oct 2008

To mark the release of Ulrich Seidl's Import Export, this season showcases his dispassionate, often shocking but always deeply humanistic films exploring the dark crevices of society - films which have made him one of Europe's most distinctive and provocative filmmakers.

Season curated by Mark Cosgrove and Anna Searle

  • Still: Import Export

    Special Preview: Import Export + Ulrich Seidl interview

    24 Sep 2008

    A formidable and clear-eyed portrait of modern Europe from Austrian director Ulrich Seidl, plus an interview with the director.

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  • Still: Import Export

    Import Export

    3 Oct 200830 Oct 2008

    East, West... neither is best, in Ulrich Seidl's twin tales of changing places between Austria and the Ukraine.

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  • Still: Loss Is To Be Expected

    Loss Is To Be Expected

    11 Oct 200813 Oct 2008

    Love blossoms across the Austrian-Czech border, but can it surmount the cultural differences betwen the old east and west?

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  • Still: Animal Love

    Animal Love

    12 Oct 200814 Oct 2008

    A darkly humorous study of Austrian pet owners and their intimate relationships with their four-legged friends.

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  • Still: Models


    19 Oct 200820 Oct 2008

    Over-indulgence, addiction and exploitation among a group of Viennese friends working in the modelling industry.

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  • Still: Jesus, You Know

    Jesus, You Know

    25 Oct 200826 Oct 2008

    The intimate detail of life observed in church, as the devout reveal all to Jesus.

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  • Still: Dog Days

    Dog Days

    25 Oct 200826 Oct 2008

    Misery, resentment and frustrated desire as the middle classes swelter in the suburban summer heat of Seidl's award winning feature debut.

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