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Karin Schneider and Louise Ward, Scraphagia, 2013

Scraphagia: Karin Schneider and Louise Ward

26 Apr 2014

Scraphagia is the response to Andrew Roth’s invitation to create a piece based on his selection of 21 artists’ scrapbooks.

The more images that were recorded, the more the filmmakers slowly closed their eyes to allow what was already there to rise. However, lateral choices had to be made, thus forming a double thread: the handling by David Vu and the filmmakers, the motion of hands, the black backdrop, the scaling of each book to a similar size in the stage - frame, the camera angle, depth of field and aperture.

While hands are constantly flipping each page, multiple accidents emerge with some books that do not follow the rule: yellow tones, pages that are returned to for no reason, floating lights on certain plastic sheets, shadows provoked by body movements, crops, coloured filters, involuntary gestures of hands and fingers. What slips into the cracks of these many tropes is what is left; a deep experience of jouissance invisibly recorded underneath these images, there as a supplement for the eyes of its viewers.

Scraphagia, dir Karin Schneider and Louise Ward, 2013, 4 hrs 3 min


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E.g., 21-09-2018