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Stewart Brand

Scale, Scope, Stakes and Speed: Ecopragmatic Heresy and the Long Term Future of Humanity

30 Jan 2010

Stewart Brand, president of the Long Now Foundation and managing director of the Global Business Network, presents some radical, counterintuitive observations that shatter a number of environmental myths, and lays out a strategy for producing a more sustainable society.

In his new book Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatic Manifesto, Brand argues that:

"The long-evolved green agenda is suddenly outdated - too negative, too tradition-bound, too specialised, too politically one-sided for the scale of the climate problem. Environmentalists risk being marginalised more than ever, with many of their deep goals and well-honed strategies irrelevant to the new task. Accustomed to saving natural systems from civilisation, Greens now have the unfamiliar task of saving civilisation from a natural system - climate dynamics."

Brand is in conversation with Alexander Rose, executive director of the Long Now Foundation and a nominating judge at the Webbys.


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