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Still: Pather Panchali

Satyajit Ray: The Apu Trilogy

18 Nov 20076 Dec 2007

Master film-maker Satyajit Ray's classic saga follows the life of Apu from his childhood in a Bengal village to young adulthood in Calcutta over the course of three films in four years. Follow this wonderful trilogy here across three Sunday matinees.

  • Still: Pather Panchali

    Pather Panchali

    18 Nov 200719 Nov 2007

    The first of the Apu trilogy, with the young boy looking to a world beyond his impoverished village home.

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  • Still: Aparajito


    25 Nov 200730 Nov 2007

    Apu begins to step away from his roots in the second part of the trilogy.

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  • Still: World of Apu

    The World of Apu

    2 Dec 20076 Dec 2007

    The end of the trilogy sees Apu grown up, living in Calcutta and dealing with adult responsibilities.

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