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Photo: Sandpit

Sandpit: Come Play with Us

18 Feb 2009

Sandpit explore how growing up pressing buttons and playing video and online games has changed what we want from the culture we consume. This is the Sandpit's first residency at the ICA, and the evening's activities will focus on encouraging artists and participants to examine the overlap between games and art, games and theatre,  and games and social interaction.

From ambient games for solo players to pick-up-and-play rule-sets for small teams, to organised group games taking place at intervals throughout the evening, every player is catered for. Form teams or play alone, trade information, listen carefully, follow clues, negotiate, betray, sneak, create, discover, explore and more!

The use of camera phones and recording equipment during talks and events in the Feedback series is encouraged. Snap it, video it, blog it and then share it with us.

Please note that if you attend this event your image may be recorded by the ICA or other event attendees and appear online.


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E.g., 03-08-2021