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Nought to Sixty

Salon discussion: Contemporary art, music and fashion

22 Sep 2008

September's monthly salon discussion was organised by Francesca Gavin, writer and Arts Editor of Dazed and Confused magazine. The participants in this discussion included Nina Manandhar (co-director of social enterprise Hardcore is More Than Music), Craig McCarthy (artist and author of Fly By Night; The New Art of the Club Flyer), Christabel Stewart (Arts Editor of SHOWstudio and Tank magazine, and co-director of HOTEL Gallery) and Matthew Stone (artist and founding member of !WOWOW! collective). This discussion explored contemporary art's relationship to the music and fashion scenes, looking at the critical and creative potential within these overlaps and asking if the crossover between social and creative networks equal style over content, or a means to move beyond the exclusivity of the art world and find new spaces for production.



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E.g., 31-07-2021