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Salem Brahimi, Let Them Come, 2015

Safar: Let Them Come + Panel Discussion

16 Sep 2016

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A conversation with curator Rasha Salti and director Salem Brahimi follows the screening.

Twenty-five years after independence, signs of bitter disenchantment and forthcoming collapse were too alarming to ignore in Algeria, and the most organized and defiant dissent came from conservative Islamist movements, whose most radical elements had been indoctrinated with Afghanistan’s Taliban. Let them Come is set right at the outbreak of the sinister upheavals that will escalate into the near decade-long conflict known by Algerians as the “Years of Terrorism”.

LET THEM COME Trailer | Festival 2015

Let Them Come (Maintenant Ils Peuvent Venir), dir. Salem Brahimi, France/Algeria 2015, 95 mins. Arabic and French with English subtitles.



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