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Andrei Tarkovsky, The Sacrifice, 1986

The Sacrifice + Intro

5 Apr 2017

The screening on 5 April is introduced by Layla Alexander-Garrett, writer, photographer and friend of Andrei Tarkovsky.

"A rewarding display of filmmaking mastery that forms a mystical and enigmatic coda to a legendary career." Jonathan Trout, BBC Films

Andrei Tarkovsky’s visionary final film unfolds in the hours before a nuclear holocaust. Erland Josephson, in an award-winning role, plays retired actor Alexander who is celebrating his birthday with family and friends when a crackly TV announcement warns of an imminent nuclear catastrophe. Alexander makes a promise to God that he will sacrifice all he holds dear, if the disaster can be averted. The next day dawns and, as if in a dream, everything is restored to normality. But Alexander must keep his vow.

Among many other awards, The Sacrifice won the Cannes Grand Prix in 1986, the same year that Tarkovsky died of cancer in Paris at the age of 54.

This film was screened in 2016 as part of Sculpting Time: Andrei Tarkovsky Retrospective from a new, recently restored digital print.

The Sacrifice, dir. Andrei Tarkovsky, France/Sweden 1986, 148 mins


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