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Thay Kay – So Close to the Sun

Rushes: Music Video

23 Jul 201025 Jul 2010

Showcases no-budget classics to high-end masterpieces from UK and abroad, from newcomers and professionals working with a broad range of techniques. (2 hours)

Tom Fun Orchestra – Bottom of the River
The Fray – Heartless
Supersubmarina – Supersubmarina
Eminem – We Made You
Pheonix – 1901
Julian Perretta – Ride My Star
Timbuktu – Välij Mej
Miike Snow – Burial
Leon Somov and Jazzu – Free
NASA Feat. Kool Keith and Tom Waits – Spacious Thoughts
Faithless – Not Going Home
Mr Fogg – Moving Parts
The Thomas Oliver Band: Goin’ Home
The Ganzfeld Procedure
Dan Mangan – Road Regrets
Thay Kay – So Close to the Sun
Die Antwoord – Zef Side
Jarmean? – Bad Penny
Rex The Dog – Bubblicious
Mia Doi Todd – Open Your Heart



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E.g., 01-08-2021