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Special Delivery, dir. Graham Lester George (Small Change Films) UK

RSSF 2012: Newcomer Programme Two

14 Jul 2012

Day 83 directed by Aled Matthews, Joe O’connor (University Of Glamorgan) 02:22 UK

Mum's Not In directed by Claire Fowler 06:44 UK

Every Good Boy Does Fine directed by Dan Smyth (Factory Gate Productions) 14.14 UK

Gamma directed by Jonathan Gales (Factory Fifteen) 06:47 UK

The End directed by Ted Marcus 13:00 UK/ USA

Black Dust directed by James Lawes (Pretzel Films) 11.28 UK

Will You Marry Me? directed by David Allain (Rankin Film Productions) 09:36 UK

Special Delivery directed by Graham Lester George (Small Change Films) 04:50 UK

Happy Birthday Jim directed by Giles Ripley (Pretzel Films) 05:22 UK

When The Dust Settles directed by Tom Stewart (Manchester School Of Art) 10:36 UK


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