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The Extraordinary Life of Rocky, dir. Kevin Meul (Visualantics) Belgium

RSSF 2012: International Programme Two

15 Jul 2012

The Extraordinary Life of Rocky directed by Kevin Meul (Visualantics) 13:36 Belgium

The Thing directed by Rhys Ernst 15:00 USA

Cinderella 3.0 directed by Sebastian Harrer (Slm Film) 08:25 Germany

Eileen Pratt directed by Michael Kratochvil (Legitimate Films) 14:59 Australia

Unsaid directed by Stevie Russell (Tidal) 11:20 Ireland

Superman, Spiderman or Batman directed by Tudor Giurgiu (Libra Film Prods) 11:00 Romania

Mourn directed by Nils Gerbens (Kesselskramer) 08:18 The Netherlands

Dr. Grordbort Presents: The Dealiest Game directed by James Cunningham (Media Design School) 06:52 New Zealand


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E.g., 16-08-2018