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Roger The Real-Life Superhero, dir. Cathy Macdonald (Earnest Productions) UK

RSSF 2012: Documentary Programme Two

16 Jul 2012


Carolyn's Dead directed by Deva Palmier (Deva Films) 11:37 UK

Walk Tall directed by Kate Sullivan 10:38 UK

Painting with 14 Personalities directed by Tuyet Le (Patient 17 Ltd) 04:00 UK

Back on Road directed by Fliss Buckles 09:23 UK

Abuelas directed by Afarin Eghbal (NFTS) 09:16 UK

Bowling for Finchley directed by Colum Eastwood (London Film School) 14:04 UK

Roger the Real-Life Superhero directed by Cathy Macdonald (Earnest Productions) 10:18 UK

Babyish directed by Nick Jesper (Leafstorm / Jesper Films) 09:18 UK

Sassie's Gran directed by Derville Quigley (Doubleband Films) 05:26 UK



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E.g., 25-09-2018