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Miklós Jancsó, The Round Up, 1965

The Round-Up (Szegénylegények)

23 Mar 2014

Second Run DVD and the ICA present a special memorial 35mm screening event for the late, great Hungarian filmmaker Miklós Jancsó The Round-Up (Szegénylegények).

'People need to see Jancsó’s really beautiful three or four first movies. The highest mountain is The Round-Up...'
- Béla Tarr
'It is rarely advisable to call a film a masterpiece after a single viewing, but this is what I consider The Round-Up to be'
- Phillip French

On many writers', critics' and filmmakers' 'Best Film' lists, The Round-Up is set in a detention camp in Hungary 1869, at a time of guerrilla campaigns against the ruling Austrians. Jancsó deliberately avoids conventional heroics to focus on the persecution and dehumanisation manifest in a time of conflict.

Filmed in Hungary’s desolate and burning landscape, Jancsó uses his formidable technique to create a remarkable and terrifying picture of war and the abuse of power that remains relevant even today.

Anna Jancsó , grand-daughter of Miklós Jancsó, has kindly agreed to attend this special screening.

The Round-Up (Szegénylegények), dir Miklós Jancsó, 1965, 87 minutes, 35mm, Hungarian language with English subtitles, Cert 15


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