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Still: Transylvania

Roots & Shoots: Transylvania film and party

9 Aug 2007

This month's Roots & Shoots folksy club is a celluloid special with an eastern European twist. We have a special preview of Transylvania, in advance of its UK cinema release, an intense, spiralling road trip across Romanian mountains starring Asia Argento as Zingarina, a woman in search of her lost love. The film and its Romanian folk soundtrack set the tone for a post-screening party in the ICA bar, with special guest DJ Penny Metal, London's queen of Balkan beats.

Transylvania: A Roots + Shoots special preview

Director Tony Gatlif's picaresque musical-romance stars Asia Argento as a young woman who travels to Transylvania to track down her lover, a Romany musician played by Italian rock star Marco Castoldi (the father of Argento's child). When the hoped-for reunion doesn't go as planned Argento beats a retreat, with her long journey home turning into a musical odyssey. The colourful characters and rousing musical performances surpass even Gatlif's much-loved earlier hit Gadjo Dilo.

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