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Photo: Ronald Dworkin

Ronald Dworkin on Democracy

10 Jan 2007

World-leading legal philosopher Ronald Dworkin comes to the ICA to argue that our much-heralded Western ideal of representative democracy is in a state of worrying ill-health. Even the most established democracies, he will argue, are struggling to achieve democracy's promise, as politics become increasingly polarized and trivialised into a contact sport which is played to the shouts of cheerleaders. In conversation with John Dunn, Dworkin will discuss what is wrong with the state of our democracy and what can be done about it. Ronald Dworkin is the author of Is Democracy Possible Here? and also the Jeremy Bentham Professor of Jurisprudence at University College London and the Frank Henry Sommer Professor of Law and New York University. John Dunn is Professor of Political Theory at the University of Cambridge and author of Setting the People Free: The Story of Democracy.


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