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Half Value Life, dir Alka Sadat, Afghanistan 2008, 25 mins, subtitles

Risky Business: Afghan Women Filmmakers + Q&A

12 Mar 2009

This screening is followed by a Q&A with two of the filmmakers

An exclusive evening of UK premieres for short documentaries by outstanding young Afghan directors.

Half Value Life (dir Alka Sadat, Afghanistan 2008, 25 mins, subtitles) is a gripping, stylish film about Mariya Bashir, the first and only public prosecutor in Heart, a city known for its corruption, kidnapping and violence against women.

In A Girl from Kabul (dir Shakiba Adil, Afghanistan/Finland 2007, 15 mins, subtitles) a successful camerawoman looks at her choices: career or marriage, but never both.

Finally, A Day in the Life of Rahela (dir Dil Afruz Zeerak, Afghanistan 2006, 27 mins, subtitles) is a beautiful film documenting the friendship between the filmmaker and 13-year-old Rahela, who lives on a steep mountainside in Kabul.


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