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Iconoscope, Dir Vitaliy Mansky, 2011

RFF: Iconoscope

3 Nov 2012

It is said that an average human spends about 10 years in front of a TV screen. It does not make sense to inquire if they are the lost years, for it is impossible to imagine our civilization without television, even though it was invented less than 100 years ago. Nevertheless, television is not the only protagonist of this film, for there are two more principal characters, both of them TV stars, Dan Rather and Igor Kirillov. For the audiences in the U.S. and the Soviet Union their names were synonymous with the television. Iconoscope is your chance to grasp the entire history of television in 100 minutes of enthralling and paradoxical spectacle.

Dir Vitaliy Mansky, Russia 2011, 100 mins.


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E.g., 22-09-2018