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Out of Play

RFF: Animation Programme

11 Nov 2012

Sweetheart - This story is about a man who, year after year, passes the same house by train. He follows the lives of those who live there and how it changes with each passing. He feels close to them and seems like there is something he can’t decide for himself. 13 mins.

Where Dogs Die - A man grows up and leaves his home. All his life he tries to go back... to his past. But he can’t change what happens - his mother gets old, his house collapses and his dog dies. It happens to everybody. Everything turns into memory, a dream or a film. (12 mins)

Out of Play - A film about the relationship between three orphaned toys in the closed space of the attic... (6 mins)

My Strange Grandad - Creative people often seem ridiculous, absurd and a bit crazy. Even their relatives often don’t understand them and feel ashamed of them. But sometimes they can create a true miracle out of a pile of rubbish. 8 mins.

Umba Umba - The story is about miners whose lives are like the light bulbs on their helmets: they glow brightly one moment and then abruptly go out the next. (7 mins)

Snowy Rider - The cartoon is about one boy’s love towards his father, shown through childhood fantasies and real events. (17 mins)

Chinti - This story is about one small ant’s big dream. (8 mins)

Pishto Goes Away - Once upon a time in autumn, Pishto got so fed up that he decided to leave forever. (10 mins)


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