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Resis’Dance + Shadow Sistxrs: Theatre of the Oppressed

Resis’Dance + Shadow Sistxrs: Theatre of the Oppressed

9 Dec 2018

Hosted by Resis’Dance and ICA Social Creative Network artists-in-residence, Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club, this collaborative workshop empowers participants to intervene in discrimination against women and non-binary people on the dancefloor.
Participants learn how to deal with racism, homophobia, (trans)misogyny and harassment at events, festivals and parties by using interactive techniques and de-escalation tactics grounded in Theatre of the Oppressed. Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club share the basics of self-defence via Brazilian Jujitsu, and we discuss what safer spaces are, their importance and how to maintain them.
This workshop is for women and non-binary people. Spaces are limited, please book a ticket in advance to help us estimate attendance.
This workshop is donation based.
Unwaged: £3 
Waged: £5
Solidarity: £7
Resis’Dance is a collective of artists, (political) organisers, sound engineers, DJ's and activists that aims to empower women and non-binary people by hosting DJ and safer spaces workshops and putting on fundraisers – we prioritise the voices of women and people of colour. We use our nights to fundraise for radical grassroots groups which would struggle to get funding elsewhere.
Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club is a physical and metaphysical self-defence class for self-identifying women, non-binary people and trans, intersex and queer people of colour. They explore a holistic approach to self-defence using Brazilian Jujitsu techniques, meditation and medicinal/magical herbalism.
The Social Creative Network is a digital project connecting young people with the Institute of Contemporary Arts. The Social Creative Network is curated exclusively by and for young people, and is designed to create an enabling network for those who believe in the power of the arts and creative industries to make positive change in the world.


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