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Barby Asante

Remote Control: Touring Talks

12 Apr 201224 May 2012

Join artists, curators and other cultural practitioners on a tour through Remote Control. Each tour offers a unique perspective on the different forms of publishing, advertising and commercialisation of television production and distribution.

Oriana Fox - Thursday 12 April, 6.30pm
Visual artist Oriana Fox made her first piece of video art as part of a larger quest to find the perfect feminist role model. Oriana takes on a whole host of roles from housewives and exercise goddesses to self-help gurus and Viennese actionists. She takes pleasure in infusing the fantasies of that great mythmaker, TV, with the assertive passion and self-reflection of feminist art. Still unable to decide between the perks of the mainstream and the liberation of the avant-garde, Oriana has begun filming her own chat show to put this question to guest performers, artists and intellectuals with the hope that one day she herself will become as influential as Oprah.

For more information, visit Oriana Fox's website.

Barby Asante - Thursday 24 May, 6.30pm
Barby Asante is an artist and curator based in London. Her practice is participatory and performative, either involving people in the creation of works or inviting them to take part in or respond to her proposals. She explores subjects including black music, and cultural and social significance in the creation of a post-war British identity. Recent projects include the long-running Funk Chorus, an amateur choir with a funk repetoire, and Bamboo Memories, filmed club memories commissioned by Picture This (2009). In 2011, Asante curated The South London Black Music Archive at the Peckham Space, London.

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