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David Perlov, Diary, 1973-81. Courtesy of Jeff Guess/Re:Voir

Real Is For Me Is For You

14 May 2014

Real Is For Me Is For You responds to the ICA Reading Room display Paperwork: A Brief History of Artists' Scrapbooks. While the artists in the exhibition collect and stick their inspirations, wonders and memories into scrapbooks, the filmmakers in this programme compulsively record their daily lives. From paper to film, the same insignificance intrigues. A recollection of images, traces of lives, glimpses of instants, the diary film is discontinuous by nature, erratic and fundamentally in process.

This screening presents the films of three artists engaged in life-long recording projects, all witnessing their own time. At the end it is about who is behind the camera.


Diary (Part 1) by David Perlov, 1973-1981
Nikita Kino by Vivian Ostrovsky, 2002
Electronic Diaries (Part 1): Confessions of a Chameleon by Lynn Hershmann 1985-1990

This event is curated by ICA Student Forum member Tabita Rezaire


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