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Quiet Nights

4 Apr 200825 Apr 2008

"Personally I like quiet music just as much as I like loud music." Syd Barrett

Those of us with the rock'n'roll in our souls will never tire of sticky, noisy bars and shouting drunkenly into each other's bass-addled ears. Sometimes though, we may ache for a quieter moment or two, the plucking of harp strings say, or the plink-plonk of a xylophone and the strum of an acoustic guitar, perhaps in a big posh room upstairs at the ICA with verdant views over the park, sipping a glass of booze as the sun sets. Quiet nights at the ICA are for us - two or three genius new bands playing in our Nash room, every Friday in April, all for free and finished in time to go home for a nice bit of supper.


E.g., 18-08-2018
E.g., 18-08-2018