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Still: The Quest for the Missing Piece

The Quest for the Missing Piece

11 Nov 2007

As a young Jewish gay man living in Tel Aviv with his German partner, Oded Lotan is in an intriguing position to examine the ritual of bris, or male circumcision. What is the significance of this ‘missing piece' in 21st century Jewish life? Hubbie is, after all, ‘intact', and can't see what the fuss is about.

Presented as a gently humorous fairy tale bridging the gap between tradition and modernity, this quest addresses personal feelings towards the ritual, the fear of exclusion, and the need to belong. Aided by wonderful animated sequences, Lotan pieces together the story of his own bris while reflecting on the complex role his sexuality and time spent away from home in Germany has played in shaping his Israeli identity. Lotan is an endearing ‘hero' and a filmmaking talent to watch, negotiating an emotive topic with considerable wit and panache. The Quest for the Missing Piece is set to be a festival must-see for 2007.

Dir Oded Lotan, Israel 2007, 52 mins Hebrew/German/Russian with English subtitles

Screening with: My Nose

One can hardly come closer to stereotypes than talking about Jewish noses and Jewish mothers. In My Nose Gayle Kirschenbaum proves that there is still room for an original take on both subjects. Her witty journey is an attempt to come to terms with both body image and family ties and is certain to make you laugh. Its endearing charm is also guaranteed to make you look at your profile as soon as you're out of the cinema.

Dir Gayle Kirschenbaum, USA 2006, 13 mins


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