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Alex Ross Perry, Queen of the Earth, 2015

Queen of Earth

2 Jul 20165 Jul 2016

"Queen of Earth is a rare feast of performance, of emotional experience, of artistic smarts, and of the very essence of cinematic creation at a time when the cinema itself is being challenged by the proliferation of mere storytelling." Richard Brody, The New Yorker

"...a ferocious psychological dramedy that exudes an autumnal aura of supple, ineffably erotic regret, often suggesting what might have happened if Ingmar Bergman remade Repulsion out on his beloved Fårö'" Slant

“Queen of Earth is a psychodrama shot like a horror movie — "Persona" meets "The Shining." Right down to the haunting, minimalist score that’s perched dangerously, wonderfully between spooky and lyrical” Vulture

“A stylish, whispery love letter to teasing psychological horror” The Village Voice

“★★★★★ Taught, thrilling, biting and exceptionally powerful” Flickering Myth

Catherine (Elisabeth Moss) arrives at a remote lakeside house to spend time with her best friend, Ginny (Katherine Waterston), and to recuperate from both her father’s death and abandonment by her controlling long-term boyfriend. But what’s intended as a period of healing and renewal turns nasty when Ginny’s fling with the next-door neighbour (Patrick Fugit) tips salt into Catherine’s wounds.

The relationship between the two women becomes ever deeper and more convoluted as the film progresses towards an ending that remains tantalisingly uncertain until it actually happens. Powerhouse performances from Moss (Mad Men, Top Of The Lake, High-Rise) and the wonderfully smug Waterston (so unlike her performance as Inherent Vice’s hippy-dippy Shasta Fay) fulfil writer-director Ross Perry’s (Listen Up Philip) noirish vision, which employs frequent, telling close-ups and Keegan DeWitt’s brilliantly minimalist score to devastating effect. The film has received highly favourable comparison to the works of Polanski, Bergman and Fassbinder.

QUEEN OF EARTH Original UK Theatrical Trailer

Queen of the Earth, dir. Alex Ross Perry, USA 2015, 96 mins


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