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Quantum Natives

Quantum Natives

20 Aug 2017

Global collective Quantum Natives present live audiovisual performances by Brood Ma, Dane Law, Terribilis, Recsund, Oxhy and Yearning Kru.

Quantum Natives are a geographically-scattered media collective and record label who promise hard dancing in atemporality. Within the In formation programme, Quantum Natives speculate on the formation of a particularly contemporary form of community, a public constituted predominantly online through a mode of shared production. Their collective work explores the relationship between the fictional landscapes of science fiction novels and role playing games, IRL experience and the contested spaces of social media.

Working with video-game technology and software-based sound design they have released music from artists dispersed across the world including Yearning Kru, Brood Ma, DJWWWW, rosen and Terribilis. Their recent compilation Xquisite Nihil: Seize the Means of Production was described by The Wire as showcasing 'an exciting selection of noisy post-industrial artists for an era of austerity'.


  • Terribilis
    Terribilis is a young femme producer born and bred in London, championing intersectionality in the underground music scene. She is 1/3 of the UNITI collective and a resident at Xquisite Nihil. From her home in North London, to clubs and DIY venues throughout Europe, Terribilis merges the worlds of drone and ambient with drum & bass and breakcore to bring you something dark and mind-melting. Her forthcoming ambient project is scheduled for release later this year with Quantum Natives.
  • Rescund
    Recsund aka Clifford Sage will be appearing alongside his ProDancer avatar from the Quantum Natives's Intellectual Reject release. The Pro-Dancer will be pleased to present his VR first person experience, a view of a newly arranged recording studio complex, which will accompany Recsund's audio. Recsund first started making music in 2001, and was later joined by the Pro-Dancer (or in fact hired by him). Since then the rest is history. Recsund manages to keep up with the Pro-Dancer's busy schedule, although he is working remotely from a parallel dimension, currently banished from this earth.
  • Brood Ma
    Brood Ma is the musical alias of artist James B Stringer, co-founder of Quantum Natives, and Werkflow, a games engine focused, digital arts studio. Brood Ma is a fractured, cybergothic nexus of tropes from weird literature, dystopian rave and high technology, presented in longform performances and recordings that resemble crisis scenarios as much as electronic mixes. The sounds tend to be oppressively psychedelic, evoking fourth-world entropy, embattled tax-havens, and the aesthetics of simulated combat. As well as a number of digital musical and visual releases on Quantum Natives, Brood Ma has released on labels Tri Angle records, Hemlock and Mantile records.
  • Dane Law
    Dane Law is a persona and patch forged in the parallel utopias of rave culture and open-source software development. Their first release United in Dance was a shimmering abstract meditation on the stasis in momentum and the crystallization of moments in time and culture, performed and composed on a Pure Data patch that was released alongside the album on Quantum Natives. Subsequent releases have reassembled the works of Celine Dion and William Orbit, the latter glimpsed on Czech label Genot Centre's r.bit, exploring the strain of a euphoria xtended.
  • Oxhy

    Founding Xquisite Nihil participant Oxhy produces an encrusted meld of club dynamics, metallic bombast and protest energy channelled through the Xquisite show on Berlin Community Radio and isolated Soundcloud emissions. Tracks like Burning Tories and Institutionally Oriented Spiritual Violence layer blastbeats under grimy stabs and guttural wails, whereas Broke In, the recent collaboration with Yves Tumor, weaves a narrative of deathly calm through siren calls and hollow bass. A further release with Quantum Natives is due imminently, following up the seize the means of production compilation from the collective.

  • Yearning Kru

    Yearning Kru’s output treats the constant abstracted media-stream of the internet as the scrying pool of a darkly wondrous future where the primitive archetypes of myth and fantasy fiction are refracted through an ever changing digital media. Their work is a psychedelic landscape rendering through longform improvised performances, encased in montaged visual narratives. The music functions as viewpoints into a world for a brief period of time, and the world represented is one of small workshops toiling and churning in the shadow of great hives of technology, or the crowd-sourced content trees of social media. Their work has been released on Mantile, Planet Mu, and Kaleidescope, alongside a growing online archive of live actions.


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