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Still: The Puffy Chair

The Puffy Chair

27 Apr 200713 May 2007

"a thoroughly enjoyable watch with a real handle on uncomfortable relationship truths." Empire
"a smashing debut... crisp and engaging, and bodes well for all involved" Daily Telegraph
"another modest low-budget indie introducing more potential saviours of American cinema… the dialogue captures the awkwardness and frustration of young adulthood with loving accuracy. Promising stuff." The Guardian

A brilliant new comedy from filmmakers Jay and Mark Duplass (director and writer/actor respectively): Having cut their teeth on numerous shorts (one of which will accompany the feature), the brothers' first feature is a typically wry, relaxed affair, full of smartly-written character comedy. The already strained relationship between Josh (Duplass) and Emily (Kathryn Aselton) is put under the added pressure of a road-trip when Josh decides to visit his family for his father's birthday, stopping along the way to pick up a luxury chair as a gift. Made on a microbudget, The Puffy Chair shows exactly what can be done when a team of filmmakers create material that perfectly suits their style and voice - this a naturally funny film that feels almost effortless in its execution.

Preceded by the short film The Intervention, by the Duplass Bros. Running time: 15 mins

Dir Jay Duplass, USA 2005, 85 mins


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