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Publish and Be Damned Fair

17 Mar 2012

Publish and Be Damned present one of their vibrant and chaotic artists self-publishing fairs.

Publish and Be Damned is an ongoing project focusing on artist-led and self-published magazines, journals, periodicals and other printed matter.

The Fair

46 Publish And Be Damned Members occupy the ICA and sell their wares including:, AND publishing, Artlicks, Bastón Blanco, Banner Repeater, Behind the X, Black Eyed Susan, Borbonesa, Completely Naked, Control, coveredintoner, Critical Writing Collective, Ditto, Donald Urquart, Go Together Press, Esther Planas, Everyday Press, Evidence, PICPUS, Fourteen -Nineteen, Hard Mag, ififoundafrozentimewarpidputitinthemicrowaveatyourhouse, Information as Material, The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Landfill Editions, Novel, P.E.A.R., Preston is my Paris, Pablo Internacional Magazine, Schism,, Clod, Institution of Rot Editions, thejohndoryreport, LemonMelon, A.A.A.B.A.M (Artists' Association of Autonomous Book Art & Magazines), Sara MacKillop, Marbled Reams, Monaco, NAPA, Transition Editions, The Velvet Cell, Westphalie Verlag, White Fungus, Yuk 'n' Yum, Madame Wang, Daniel James Wilkinson and X Marks the Bökship

I Don't Want to Make a Book 
Cinema 1

Panel discussion with Lynn Harris (ANDpublishing, London) Marc Herbst (The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Los Angeles & Leipzig) and Nick Thurston (Information as Material, York). Chaired by Kit Hammonds (Publish and be Damned, London).

Am Nuden Da: Session_22_Reading of All Words

A three hour reading by two actors of the project Words.

Rapid fire launches

6.00 The London Bookshop Map - Issue No 2 - reading by Katrina Palmer
6.15 Wysing Arts Centre/ Publish And Be Damned /Unrealised Projects - A MOCK UP
6.30 Madame Wang - Issue 3
6.45 Aleksandra Mir - Freddie on the Plinth
7.00 The Everyday Press - Forth&Back
7.15 Transition Editions – Garageland Issue 13: Paint

Publish and Be Damned 2012 at the ICA


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