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The Prophet

20 Sep 201214 Oct 2012

For many folk of a certain age, the Lebanese/American poet Kahlil Gibran’s thoughts on how to live a better and contented life were the primer that shepherded them through the late 60s, and the book that contained them, The Prophet, has now been wrought in film form by documentary filmmaker Gary Tarn.

Using a technique he employed so effectively in 2006’s Black Sun, Tarn uses imagery appropriate to the received narrative of his subject’s voice, in this case Gibran’s original text, sensitively articulated here by Thandie Newton. It’s a gentle, indeed poetic film moving at a near-mesmeric pace that will reward those seeking some respite from the more incendiary fare seen onscreen, and indeed in the rest of the world, these days.

Dir. Gary Tarn, narrated by Thandie Newton, UK 2011, 75 mins.


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