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The Prodigal Son, dir Kurt Orderson, 2009

The Prodigal Son

8 Nov 2009

South African filmmaker Kurt Orderson traces the lost history of his great-grandfather and discovers that he did not come directly from West Africa but from Barbados, as a descendant of emancipated slaves. Orderson also unearths his ancestor’s activist past: Joseph was part of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, founded by the great Marcus Garvey, father of contemporary Black Nationalism and Pan Africanism.

dir Kurt Orderson, South Africa 2009, 64 mins.

Screening with short film The Wondrous Journey of Delroy Kincaid. A black boy is trying to make sense of the death of his beloved grandmother and his new life in North America. His wondrous imagination and vivid illustrations show us what he’s missing.

dir Powis Dewhurst, Canada 2008, 7 mins.


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