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Under the Cherry Moon, Dir. Prince, USA 1986

Princefest: Under the Cherry Moon

15 Dec 2012

Under the Cherry Moon marks Prince’s directorial debut, in which he stars as Christopher Tracey, a care-free young gigolo in Nice, who makes a living alongside partner Tricky (Jerome Benton) by conning wealthy women. However, the pair’s latest scam goes array when Christopher falls in love with his new mark, the beautiful heiress Mary Sharon (Kristin Scott Thomas).

Drawing inspiration from Fellini’s 8 ½, Prince employed Michael Ballhaus (a regular Scorcese collaborator) to act as cinematographer on the film, the photography ultimately processed in stylized black and white. Under the Cherry Moon also features acclaimed actor and playwright Steven Berkoff as the adversarial Isaac Sharon, Mary’s disapproving father.  

Dir. Prince, USA 1986. 


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