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Barbarella: Dir. Roger Vadim, France and Italy, 1968

Princefest: Barbarella

15 Dec 2012

Roger Vadim was one of Prince's favourite directors and Barbarella had a big influence on him and his style. He renamed a band member Tommy Barbarella after the film, and he also made visual reference to it in his video-movie Three Chains O'Gold in a scene where Prince was watching the film in his private cinema.

Vadim’s film has garnered a cult following since its original 1968 release. Based on Jean-Claude Forest’s popular comic book series, the erotic sci-fi adventure stars Jane Fonda as Barbarella, a woman charged with journeying into the unknown regions of space to capture the evil Doctor Durand-Durand, inventor of the deadly Positronic Ray.


Dir. Roger Vadim, France and Italy, spoken in English, 1968. 


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