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Precarity: A Participatory People’s Tribunal

20 Mar 2011

The media has given much airtime to public sector pensions, austerity measures and bankers’ inflated salaries but little is written about those who give their time in the work place for free or for the precarious life and unpredictable income of freelancers.

Precarity is a word that has recently entered the lexicon. It describes life without predictability or security often related to intermittent work.

Precarity: A Participatory People’s Tribunal, facilitated by the Carrot Workers Collective and The Precarious Workers Brigade, brings together people, testimonies, evidence and archives to stimulate collective discussion about the conditions of precarity that face us today.

Join them to collectively share experiences, bear witness and propose remedies. The day will take the form of a tribunal in which the audience is invited to participate. 


E.g., 14-08-2018
E.g., 14-08-2018