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Post-Legacy: Moving Image and the Supremacy of Inclusion

19 May 2017

Reflecting on the 1988 ICA conference Black Film, British Cinema, but mainly looking forward, this panel discussion sets out to question the language of diversity used in moving image, advertising and film.

Exploring the impacts and potentials of moving image to challenge persistent, Western narratives around concepts of diversity and inclusion, this panel aims to disrupt the liberalism that promotes a set of values which serve to benefit and sustain those in power rather than redistributing it, and asks how artists, curators, writers and filmmakers work can with moving image in ways that promote social power, and reject tired and lazy representations (and misappropriations) of concepts of 'diversity'.

Moderated by Clarence Bradley (Creative Director at Creature of London), panelists include Niamh Hayes (Department of Sociology, London School of Economics), Bidisha (writer and broadcaster), Corinna Antrobus (Bechdel Test Fest founder), Raine Allen Miller (Director) and Faraz Osman (Managing Director at Lemonade Money TV).

This event is hosted by the ICA to accompany upcoming conference, Black Film, British Cinema, in collaboration with the University of Greenwich and Goldsmiths' College, University of London. The conference's aims are to consider the politics of race in contemporary British cinema, broadcasting, and digital practice. Purchase tickets for day one Goldsmiths' College and the morning of day two at the ICA.

The ICA panel discussion will be followed by Black British Shorts: Curated screening and discussion with the collective sorryyoufeeluncomfortable (free, but booking recommended). The original Black Film, British Cinema conference took place at the ICA in February 1988. The event was rooted in larger debates on the place of film culture in the formation of national identities. Speakers included Kobena Mercer, Stuart Hall, Colin McCabe, Judith Williamson, Coco Fusco, June Givanni, Alan Fountain, Paul Gilroy and James Snead.

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