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Orphan Spaces

Play/Works: Orphan Spaces

22 Jan 2011

Cities inherently amass ‘orphan spaces’- spaces left literally ‘inbetween’, uncared for and unclaimed. Seeing the ICA as a mini city, we will identify and reintegrate these forgotten spaces, reclaiming and beautifying them with new activities and ideas.

Each participant will locate a vacant space within the building and respond to it by testing their ideas in a rambling, oversized inhabitable model of the ICA that we concoct during the workshop.

By the end of the workshop we hope to have created a 3D wishlist of temporary and permanent interventions which we will be able to ‘fit in our pockets’ to create new opportunities for play in the public spaces of the ICA. 

Supported by City of Westminster


E.g., 26-09-2018
E.g., 26-09-2018