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Image: Thomas Wightman (2016)

Playback Festival: Crowdfunding: What the Data Says You Should Do

10 Mar 2017

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Film industry expert Stephen Follows has collected data on every film project on Kickstarter – that’s over 50,000 campaigns, and represents the most comprehensive study of film crowdfunding ever. By sharing his analysis of that data, he can reveal what works, what successful campaigns have in common and the mistakes which lead to filmmakers failing.

What makes crowdfunding so perfect for filmmakers?

  • You are not risking your own money
  • You don’t have to pay a penny back
  • You don’t have to pay any interest
  • Noone gets to interfere with your project in any way
  • You own all the copyright and value in the film
  • Anyone can do it from their bedroom

No other form of film funding comes close, and this event teaches you how to harness crowdfunding for yourself.


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E.g., 30-07-2021