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Photo: Susanne Christensen.

Philosophy: Where Are We Now? A talk by Alain Badiou

27 Oct 2010

Please note that this event has been cancelled. Please call Box Office on 020 7930 3647 if you've already bought tickets.

A talk by Alain Badiou in conversation with Alberto Toscano and Alex Duttmann.

Philosopher Alain Badiou has spearheaded the notion of the 'communist hypothesis'; in the wake of the financial crisis a truly egalitarian radical politics is now back on the agenda. This is a subject that other prominent thinkers such as Terry Eagleton and Slavoj Zizek are also grappling with. Badiou has also famously said that 'Marxism does not exist', which prompts the question: Can you have communism without Marxism?

Such debate takes place against the backdrop of an increasing marginalization of philosophy in academia. Within this context, is it possible for philosophy to claim a meaningful impact on today’s society however insightful its ideas? What are the conditions for the realisation, as Badiou puts it, of a philosophy ‘which helps existence to be changed’? What does it mean to ask from within philosophy: where are we now?

This talk was programmed in collaboration with InC: Research Group In Continental Philosophy.


You can now purchase a copy of The Communist Hypothesis along with a ticket to the talk. Your book will be reserved with your tickets at the box office for collection prior to the talk.



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