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Image: Meat

The Philosophy of the Overlooked: Meat

9 Oct 2007

A series exploring the continued relevance of phenomenology, a philosophy aimed at making explicit structures of lived experience and modes of human existence. What can be learned from other people's experience of things we rarely think about? The fourth event in the series focuses on meat. In Old English, the term was used to designate all food. Now it refers mostly to animal flesh meant for human consumption. Some people choose to shun it and others consume it everyday. Some say it's bad for our health and others think we can't live a healthy life without it. Whether it's a source of nourishment or a cause for concern, meat is present in our lives. There will also be a demonstration of butchery.

Speakers: Jan Fabre, artist; Surinder Phull, nutritionist; Philip Hughes, managing director of Rhug Estate Organic Farm; and Ginger Pig butchers. Chair: Martine Rouleau, The London Consortium.

Presented in association with The London Consortium.


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