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Photo: Billy Childish

The Philosophy of the Overlooked: Facial Hair

29 Jan 2008

A series exploring the relevance of phenomenology, a philosophy aimed at understanding structures of lived experience and modes of human existence. What can be learned from other people's experience of things we rarely think about? The fifth event in the series focuses on facial hair. Moustaches, beards, sideburns, goatees - half the population has facial hair to trim, style or just shave off. The other half is mostly ignorant of all the historical, social and cultural intricacies related to the ownership of facial hair or simply witnesses the trends and variations in the male grooming habits.

Speakers: Billy Childish, artist, writer and musician; Gustav Temple, editor of The Chap; Dr Karin Lesnik-Oberstein, Director of the MA (Res.) in Children's Literature and CIRCL, University of Reading. Chair: Martine Rouleau, the London Consortium.

There will be a live demonstration by a barber.


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E.g., 22-09-2018