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Olivier Assayas, Personal Shopper, 2016

Personal Shopper

17 Mar 201712 Apr 2017

Kristen Stewart plays an American abroad as a personal shopper to a snitty German supermodel living in Paris. She bends the rules ‘borrowing’ her employer’s outfits and camping in her luxurious apartment; more surprisingly she is also a medium, and is trying to contact her twin brother who died of an affliction that she shares. What’s more, she is being pursued by a malevolent stalker – or is she?

Weaving disturbing horror scenes with Hitchcockian menace, this is a ghost story set in the fashion underworld and perfectly underscored by Stewart’s wilfully blank performance.

Personal Shopper UK Trailer - Kristen Stewart

Personal Shopper, dir. Olivier Assayas, France/Germany 2016, 105 mins

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