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Photo: Peggy Sue and The Pirates

Peggy Sue and The Pirates + Eugene McGuinness

4 Apr 2008

Platform Magazine presents Peggy Sue and The Pirates + Eugene McGuinness + more

No pirates here tonight, more's the pity, but two young ladies from Brighton with raw, lovely voices, sweet, tough tunes and enough of a chip on their shoulders to write sharp, sad lyrics ("I lent you a hand but you never gave it back"). Peggy and Sue (or Rosa and Katy, actually) have toured with Kate Nash and now strike out on their own, with folky punky rockabilly goodness, songs about television and superheroes and support from blue-eyed boy wonder Eugene McGuinness, plus Mumford and Sons and Stars of Sunday League. It's all part of an event from The internet's innovative poetry, music and literature site Platforms Magazine.


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E.g., 18-09-2018