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Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde, Paul Bush, 2001

Paul Bush Compilation

10 Mar 2013

A selection of Paul Bush's award-winning films over the last two decades, including many festival favourites and showing his development as an artist and filmmaker.

Following this programme is a screening of Bush's new feature Babeldom. Come to both screenings and get your tickets for £6 each! Just call our box office on 020 7930 3647 or pop in and speak to our team.

  • His Comedy (1994, 8 mins)
    A journey into the centre of Hell: Dante’s The Divine Comedy, illustrated by Gustav Dore’s wood engravings and animated by scratching directly into the surface of the film.
  • Still Life with Small Cup (1995, 3 mins)
    A radical re-working of an etching by Italian artist Giorgio Morandi, brought to life by engraving frame by frame into the photographic emulsion of colour filmstock.
  • Furniture Poetry (1995, 5 mins)
    How can you prove this table does not vanish or alter shape the minute your back is turned? The filmmaker contributes to this philosophical debate by changing tables, chairs, jugs, fruit and everything else lying around his house.
  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (2001, 5 mins)
    Imagine that the camera is possessed with a psychosis similar to human schizophrenia; suppose that this disease subtly changes every single frame of film while leaving the narrative superficially intact.
  • While Darwin Sleeps (2004, 5 mins)
    Thousands of insects pass through the film each for a single frame. It seems that the genetic programme of millions of years is taking place in a few minutes. It is like a mescaline vision dreamt by Charles Darwin.
  • Paul Bush Talks (2006, 2 mins)
    Paul Bush tries to talk about the making of While Darwin Sleeps and his aspirations for cinema but all the time the film itself tries to take over and in the end completely overwhelms him.
  • Secret Love (2002, 3 mins)
    During village celebrations a father and daughter dance but a quarrel begins, other villagers take sides and events turn to violence beyond control. Set to the song Father and Daughter by Percy Grainger.
  • Pas de Deux de Deux (2001, 5 mins)
    A parasitic presence has completely taken over the body of its host. A classical pas de deux from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake is restaged frame-by-frame with the original dancers replaced by four new dancers.
  • Shinjuku Samurai (2004, 6 mins)
    Twenty-six citizens of Tokyo stop for a moment in front of a time lapse camera in the busy Shinjuku entertainment district of the city.
  • Geisha Grooming (2003, 3 mins)
    A thoroughly modern geisha gets ready for a fun night out.
  • Central Swiss (2006, 8 mins)
    Swiss skiers stop for their portraits during a busy holiday weekend on the mountains. The second in a series of time lapse portraits of strange people in unusual places.


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