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Hal Hartley, Henry Fool, 1997

Parker Posey Film Festival: Henry Fool / Fay Grim

15 Sep 2013

The Parker Posey Film Festival is dedicated to celebrating one of the most unique American actresses working today through a series of screenings and discussions.

No other filmmaker does offbeat characters and deadpan humour quite like Hal Hartley and no other actor delivers offbeat characters and deadpan humour quite like Parker Posey. This kind of fitting partnership has sustained itself in the world of American Indie film for over 20 years, spanning several shorts & numerous features including Henry Fool and Fay Grim. The double bill sees Parker play the wife of socially inept garbage man turned the next ‘great American poet’ in part 1 only to be coerced into working for the CIA in a tale of espionage and terrorism in part 2!

Parker is about to reprise the role for a third time as the franchise continues with Ned Rifle.

See the programme for day one of the Parker Posey Film Festival → 

Henry Fool
Dir. Hal Hartley, USA 1997, 137 mins

Fay Grim
Dir. Hal Hartley, USA 2006, 119 mins 

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