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Lee Sang-il, Unforgiven, 2013

Pan Asia Film Festival 2014: Unforgiven

26 Feb 2014

For the Opening Night Gala, Pan Asia Film Festival present the international festival hit Unforgiven, with an introduction by director Lee Sang-il.

Set in post-Meiji restoration Hokkaido, it stars Ken Watanabe (Letters from Iwo Jima) as Jubei Kamata, an ageing warrior who has left his crimes under the former Edo shogunate behind him. But poverty, and possibly a chance for redemption, allows a friend to persuade him to come out of retirement. Lavishly recreating its 1880s setting, which includes replacing guns with samurai swords, Lee effortlessly transposes the original film’s themes of vengeance, loyalty and regret to its new setting.

Unforgiven has been a major hit at festivals the world over, and the Pan-Asia Film Festival is delighted to be hosting the film’s UK Premiere as its 2014 Opening Night Gala. Ticket holders are invited to attend a pre-screening drinks reception at the ICA Bar from 7pm.

Unforgiven, dir Lee Sang-il, 2013, Japan, 135 mins, UK Premiere


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