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Photo: Lea Nielsen

Pablo Bronstein - Plaza Minuet / The Birth of Venus

16 Sep 201117 Sep 2011

For this newly commissioned performance, artist Pablo Bronstein has worked with classically trained dancers, including Matthias Sperlinger and Rosalind Masson, to develop a two-part ballet for the ICA and Tramway.

In Plaza Minuet, Bronstein develops ideas explored in his contribution to the Tate Triennial 2006, in which performers obey a series of rules of behaviour. They follow lines marked out on the floor that might represent an architectural void or an imagined piazza. Part two, The Birth of Venus, opens with the entry of the King symbolising the birth and triumph of Venus.

Pablo Bronstein creates drawings, installations and performances that examine the mechanics of architectural space, highlighting power structures that define and direct human behaviour and movement. The dance performances that he has choreographed combine the language of baroque and neoclassical styles with minimalistic aspects of modern dance and ritualised actions.

Plaza Minuet / The Birth of Venus is a co-commission between the ICA, London, and Tramway, Glasgow, and is generously supported by The Workroom, Scotland's independent dance atelier, based at Tramway.


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