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Still: Road Games


13 Mar 200929 Mar 2009

Inspired by Not Quite Hollywood, we present six of the best from the wizards of Ozploitation.

  • Not Quite Hollywood

    Not Quite Hollywood

    13 Mar 200926 Mar 2009

    A rude, crude, gory and action-packed journey through the untamed Australian outback of cinema.

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  • Still: Road Games

    Road Games

    14 Mar 200929 Mar 2009

    A tense Hitchcockian thriller with Stacy Keach as a truck driver and Jamie Lee Curtis as a hitchhiker.

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  • Still: Turkey Shoot

    Turkey Shoot

    14 Mar 200928 Mar 2009

    Riding a wave of hype and controversy, Trenchard-Smith's low-rent futuristic shocker was a huge hit when it opened in the UK in the early 1980s.

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  • Still: Long Weekend

    Long Weekend

    15 Mar 200926 Mar 2009

    A real sense of the uncanny pervades this low-budget thriller about a couple who go backpacking in the wilderness. A little-known cult gem.

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  • Mad Dog Morgan

    15 Mar 200929 Mar 2009

    A rugged Western featuring a phenomenal performance from Dennis Hopper as a 19th-century gold prospector who turns to a life of crime.

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  • Still: Strange Behaviour

    Strange Behaviour (aka Dead Kids)

    21 Mar 200928 Mar 2009

    A prime example of a B-movie that makes a virtue of its limitations.

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  • Still: Patrick


    22 Mar 200924 Mar 2009

    A creepy cult shocker in which a coma patient tries to exert psychic powers over his nurse, played by Susan 'that nice woman off Emmerdale' Penhaligon.

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