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Still: Overlord


1 Feb 200817 Feb 2008

This is a war film like no other, and a sublime and shattering cinematic experience. Made in 1975 and the winner of the top prize at the Berlin Film Festival, British director Stuart Cooper's film follows one young man from homefront basic training to the full-bore assault of the D-Day front line. Shot by Stanley Kubrick's director of photography John Alcott (Barry Lyndon, The Shining), Overlord combines archive footage with a fictional tale to create a portrait of war that's direct yet almost dreamlike.

There will be a Q&A with director Stuart Cooper, actors Nicholas Ball and Brian Stirner, and Imperial War Museum Film Archivist Roger Smither after the screening on 1 February.

A Metrodome release.

Dir Stuart Cooper, UK 1975, 83 mins, Cert 15


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