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Photo: Outhouse Ruhabi

Outhouse Ruhabi + Olivia Chaney

18 May 2008

Outhouse Ruhabi is a collaborative project between a London-based jazz trio Outhouse and five Wolof Sabar drummers from Gambia. Contemporary jazz skips and sings over the West African groove of the sabar drum, giving us raw, hypnotic grooves and free-flowing improvisation.

Robin Fincker, tenor saxophone/clarinet
Mark Hanslip, tenor saxophone/flute
Johnny Brierly, doublebass
Dave Smith, drum kit
Baboucar Camara, sabar drums
Brian Saine, sabar drums
Kaw Secka, sabar drums
Mambiran Saine, sabar drums
Laity Fye, sabar drums/vocals


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